Meeting with nutritionist, gastroenteritis Vardanush Petrosyan

Meeting with nutritionist, gastroenteritis Vardanush Petrosyan. In this photo Vardanush Petrosyan explains participants the importance of having a healthy ration.

Women’s Club with Disabilities formed in Disability-Inclusive Development NGO every Thursday conducts meetings with different specialists in different areas.

In 18 October nutritionist, gastroenteritis Vardanush Petrosyan was our guest. The previously selected topic for discussion was the healthy diet. During the meeting, the discussion touched upon the topics such as weight regulation, weight fluctuation causing factors and how to maintain a healthy diet during pregnancy. Participants had the opportunity to ask the nutritionist their questions of concerns and got comprehensive answers.

Let’s mention that meeting at women’s club is being consecutive and every week a new topic is discussed with a relevant specialist. The entrance is free for those who are willing to attend.

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