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The “Disability and Inclusive Development” NGO team organized in 2012. In the first few years of its operation, it has been acting as the “Disability Info” NGO - the key NGO for accurate, trustworthy and inclusive information about the disabled community in Armenia. Our aim is raising awareness on disabilities and the rights of persons with disabilities in Armenia, bringing new approaches and, more importantly, greater access and inclusion for people with disabilities.



Information Accessibility Workshop at “Disability-Inclusive Development” NGO

From September 28th to November 9th in “Disability-Inclusive Development” NGO an information accessibility workshop was held, aiming to increase the level of awareness among the society. Many students from different universities and faculties participated in the workshop. The meetings were…

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Meeting with nutritionist, gastroenteritis Vardanush Petrosyan

Women’s Club with Disabilities formed in Disability-Inclusive Development NGO every Thursday conducts meetings with different specialists in different areas. In 18 October nutritionist, gastroenteritis Vardanush Petrosyan was our guest. The previously selected topic for discussion was the healthy diet. During the…

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