About Five Women

The project aimed at breaking the existing stereotypes about women with disabilities and promoting greater society awareness of the reproductive rights of women with disabilities. The project was accomplished within the framework of “I Have a Right to Be a Mother” implemented by the “Agate” Center for Women with Special Needs. Financial support came from the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway.

Timeframe for the project: April-June 2014

As a result of the project, a photo shoot was conducted with five women with disabilities who presented their success stories of motherhood. The photos and the stories were published on the disabilityinfo.am and ikin.am websites. The stories told about various women with hearing, mobility and visual impairments who had either formed a family or had been raising their children as a single mother and serve as role models for other women and girls who have concerns, fears or inferiority complexes.

On the basis of the photos and the stories, a calendar in 100 copies was printed. A training program for journalists was developed and the training “The Media Coverage on Issues of Women with Disabilities: Sexual and Reproductive Health” was organized. Women with disabilities also participated as experts in this seminar. A guide entitled, “How to Cover Issues of Women with Disabilities” was developed and published for journalists.

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