About us

The “Disability and Inclusive Development” NGO team organized in 2012. In the first few years of its operation, it has been acting as the “Disability Info” NGO - the key NGO for accurate, trustworthy and inclusive information about the disabled community in Armenia. Our aim is raising awareness on disabilities and the rights of persons with disabilities in Armenia, bringing new approaches and, more importantly, greater access and inclusion for people with disabilities.

One of our first projects was the creation of the ikin.am platform committed to the rights and issues of women with disabilities. This blog is the first resource platform of its kind in Armenia where it is possible to find valid information on women’s rights to health-care, education, etc. The platform gives women an opportunity to read about and discuss topics that have become a taboo, such as sexual and reproductive health, domestic violence, independence, autonomy, etc.

One of the ongoing activities of the organization is the dissemination of information via its disabilityinfo.am website. To date, our journalism team has published some 700 articles, making the website the greatest Armenian resource on disabilities.

In 2015, we created the “Bolorak” blog for parents of children with disabilities. It helps them find solutions to problems, overcome fears, and promotes independence and helps parents realize the rights of their children. A part of the materials posted on the website have been created by parents themselves, giving them an opportunity to share their experiences with others.

During its operation, our organization has shot around 12 films about children and young people with disabilities that were screened at the Moscow Cinema in Yerevan. These were the first film screenings in Armenia to be accompanied by Armenian sign language, subtitles and captions, synchronic translation into English and audio descriptions for people with visual impairments.

We have carried out many efforts generally focused on solving problems existing in the city of Yerevan—a petition drive, media campaigns, monitoring situations, etc.

Our organization has participated in the drafting of the “Shadow Report of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women” that has, for the first time, in a comprehensive way, introduced the issues of discrimination against women with disabilities in Armenia. As a result of the private briefing with the CEDAW Committee in Geneva, in its Concluding Observations on the Report of Armenia, the Committee shared with the Armenian government its concerns and recommendation about moving forward to address women with disabilities.

Our organization’s members actively worked with the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. As a result, the recommendations highlighted in our documents were included in the Concluding Observations.

One of the main directions of the “Disability and Inclusive Development” NGO is safeguarding of inclusion and sensitivity in legal acts. Since 2016, we have introduced to various RA government bodies approximately 200 suggestions concerning 25 legal acts. Some of these suggestions have been adopted and policies are improving.

The “Disability and Inclusive Development” NGO is a member of the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women. Through cooperation with other NGOs, it strives for the elimination of discrimination against women with disabilities.

We are also a member of the Coalition for Inclusive Legal Reforms which is an informal coalition of organizations focused on improving the lives of people in Armenia with disabilities.